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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We respect and protect your privacy. We operate under a complete data protect policy, thereby protecting your credentials at all levels. This assures absolute confidentiality. Our privacy policy helps us as an organization to meet the needs of the applicants. This privacy policy informs you as to how we really make use of the personal data gathered at this website.

You are requested to thoroughly read this privacy policy prior to making use of this site or presenting any personal details. When you use this site, you accept the practices as laid down in the given privacy policy. Although these practices could be modified, any modifications will be suitably notified and the changes will only cover activities and details on a forward and not attendant basis. This policy covers the various domains wherein the user privacy is concerned even as it sketches the responsibilities and the requirements of the end-users, the site and its proprietors.


“Non-Personal Information” is information that is not personally identifiable to you and that we automatically collect when you access our Website with a web browser. It may also include publicly available information that is shared between you and others.

“Personally Identifiable Information” is non-public information that is personally identifiable to you and obtained in order for us to provide you within our Website. Personally Identifiable Information may include information such as your name, email address, and other related information that you provide to us or that we obtain about you.

We gather specific credentials of prospective individuals seeking immigration under various programs. The information collected by us via telephonic conversation or face to face interaction comprise of or via various modes available over internet:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Country of Migration
  • Age
  • Other details regarding your education & work experience

What we do with this data:

This info is needed to figure out your specific requirements and offer you with a superior service, more so for these reasons:

  • Internal maintenance of the data.
  • Market spin-offs and services made available by us.
  • To further develop our many products and facilities.
  • From time-to-time mail promotional e-mails involving latest products, unique offers, or any other info which could be remarkable for you employing the e-mail id collected from you.

By utilizing Cookies, we employ to improve the experience of the users when they visit it. Cookies are nothing but minute files suitably saved to the hard drive of the computer of the users to follow, save and store info about the interactions and usage of the website by the users. It enables the website via its server to furnish the users with a customized and better experience inside this website. In case the visitors want to refuse the exercise and saving of the cookies from this website on to the hard drive of their computers, they must take all essential steps inside the security settings of their web browsers to obstruct all cookies from this website and its external serving dealers.

This website may employ tracking software to duly scrutinize its visitors to better comprehend how they eventually use it. Other cookies could be suitably stored onto the hard drive of your computer by external dealers when this website employs referral programs, any links (sponsored), and/or adverts. Although such cookies are employed for conversion and referral tracking, and they usually run out post 30 days, some could last for a much longer time.

Contact and Exchanging Information: All end users engaging this website do the same strictly at their own good judgment, and offer any such sought personal info at their own risk. Until a time period it is no longer needed nor has no use whatsoever, the personal details of the users are strictly kept private and stored in a secure way. Although no efforts have been spared to make certain a safe and secure form to e-mail the procedures of submission, the users must do so at their own risk. This website employs any data to furnish you with additional details involving the products/services they offer, or to help you in answering any queries or questions you could have presented. The same covers, using your particulars to get you subscribed to any e-mail newsletter program the website and the presentation of your contact info employing our site will be taken to reflect that your express consent was offered to send across the e-mail newsletter from the organization. Your particulars are not shared with any third parties for any particular marketing or any other expressed goal.

E-mail Newsletter: This website runs an e-mail bulletin program, employed to suitably inform the subscribers regarding products and services offered by this website even as the surrender of your contact details employing our site will denote that your express permission was offered to send across e-mail newsletter from the firm. The e-mail marketing operations brought out by this website, and/or its proprietors, could have tracking facilities inside the actual e-mail. The activity of the subscriber could be duly tracked only to be stored in a databank for analysis and evaluation later. This data is harnessed to process future e-mail operations, and furnish the end users with additional applicable content on the basis of their movement.

External Links: Despite the fact that this website only looks to include quality, safe and relevant external links, the end users would do well to strictly follow a policy of caution, prior to clicking any external web links as mentioned all the way through this website. Notwithstanding their best attempts, the proprietors of this website may not assure or corroborate the contents of any externally linked website. Hence, the users must observe that they click on any external link only at their own risk even while this site and its proprietors should not be held accountable for any resulting harms.

Managing Your Personal Details: You could choose to limit the collection or exploitation of your personal details in the following ways: - • Whenever you are urged to furnish your details, via filling a form on the site, you are at liberty not to provide any information or fill up the form. • In case you have earlier agreed to us utilizing your personal details, for the objects of direct marketing, you could change your stand at any given time, by writing to us. Social Media Tools, Communication, engagement and actions engaged via external tools, which this website and its proprietors make use of, are subject to the Terms and Conditions, besides the privacy policies of each given social media individually. The users are well advised to utilize social media platforms intelligently and communicate/engage upon them with much care and vigilance involving their own privacy and personal info. This website and its proprietors will never seek any personal or highly crucial details, via social media tools, and egg-on the users keen to talk about highly crucial particulars to contact them, via key communication pathways, including telephone or e-mail. We may need to introduce periodic changes to our Privacy Policy statement. We may also need to introduce periodic changes to the manner in which we use your data in connection with any changes we make in our privacy practices. In the event of such changes, you will be informed of the specific changes to our Privacy Policy through a prominent notice published on our website.


The information furnished here on this website site is strictly for the personal consumption of the visitor even as it should not be especially utilized as the ground of any particular arrangement whether on migration or global movement, or investment or employment inside the nation or abroad, or any other matter of private or family interest.

Nothing in this material must be taken as officially permitted or investment or financial or job guidance. Each and every receiver of this document must make such investigations as they believe appropriate to come to an independent assessment of an immigration policy or worldwide relocation or investment or family circumstance, or for private matter. The details furnished on this site are absolutely free even while the person who reads it must engage his own consultant.

We could periodically take decisions which may not be consistent with, or at odds with the recommendations or observations offered here on this site. The opinions given here in this material are based on the data made available by several sources, even as the firm may or may not go by all the opinions and facts given here on this site.

Although the facts given here in this text has been carried on the basis of the widely available data, internal figures and other trustworthy sources regarded to be spot on, we don't really claim that the same is correct, or all-inclusive, even as it must strictly not be relied on as such the reason being the facts given here on this site is strictly for the general guidance only. We shall not be held accountable for any loss or harm which could arise to any person from any unintentional mistake in the data carried here on this site. Even though we strive hard to keep you fully informed on the info mentioned here, there could be certain factors which may stop or restrict us from indulging in the same.

Utilizing this site for data does not naturally lead to consultant-client or consultant-client association with the guest/reader/user. A consultant-client or advisor-client association is and will continue to be subject to an Agreement/Contract of Engagement duly agreed and inked between the two groups. All the terms and conditions of such an agreed and duly inked bond of engagement for utilizing the services of the firm as a counsel is based on the terms and conditions of the usage of the given site. Since the pact of commitment could not be similar, and may differ from one to another, it is the job of the end-user/reader/guest to suitably make a request a draft copy of the Contract of Engagement which will be applicable in his case.